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"Largemouth & Jitterbugs" John Hamberger

Bass Fishing Software & Games

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"Largemouth" John Hamberger

Welcome! You can visit many of the world's best bass fishing software and games sites from here.

Bass Fishing Software

Amtech Inc. Luna-Tick fish activity forecasting software

Angler's Assistant Fishing log software for Windows 95 FREE Online bass fishing log database

BassGuide, The Fishing log

BLS OutDoors TournamentsEZ for clubs; Fish Tracking log; SkyCalc solar/lunar calcs

BT Computing Tournament Tracker for clubs, including lake histories

CMB Software Fish&Log include photos/voice; make multimedia slideshows

CD RomCo Hooked On Bass - multimedia guide to catching bass featuring In-Fisherman

Dr Dan's Fish & Game Predictions Based on solunar times

Doug Hannon 21st Century Bass Professor CD fishing log, lake maps, expert database

Fishing Calendar Log has calendar of sun/moon rise/set, moon phases, peak activity

FishNet Angler's information system for fishing log & analysis

GB Software Fishtraker fishing log, analysis, and mapping software

Gold Bass Productions Tournament Record Keeper for the tourney angler

Heuristic Research FishByte plots lunar times for peak fish activity

HKG Reliable SW Tall Tails fishing log

Lunker Log Fishing Journal Software

Maptech SW & CDs for USGS Topo Maps, NOAA Nautical Charts

Onpoint Inc. FishNet fishing log

Point Software, Inc. Loran & GPS Vault track fishing sites/results; make site diagrams

River City Software The Angler's Log

Strat-Tech Fish Expert asks questions about fishing conditions & suggests tips

TaySys SW Tournament Keeper for clubs; Compete-N-Log; Fish-N-Log; Equip-N-log

The FishBuster A database of expert advice for various fishing conditions

Terrafin Software FISHbase fishing log; SHIPshape boater's maintenance log

Topo-Logic Systems Topo-Log fishing maps on CD; manage your hotspots/find new ones

Universal Angler Fishing Log Database Software

Vendel Systems Fisherman's Guide fishing log

VMT Software Sportsman's Manager records fishing/hunting trips, inventory of gear, expenses

Online Tournaments

Worms Nightmare Fish online in Trophy Bass Deluxe tournaments

Bass Fishing Computer Games

Bassrat's Games Play these entertaining bass games online with a Java-aware browser

Hot B Interactive A few different bass games on CD (also on Game Boy & Playstation)

Jacobson Software Fisherman's Delight and Fisherman's Warmwater Challenge

Olsen Outdoors BassTour Professional

Outdoor Life Fishing Quiz Pretty cool on-line game with 10 lake maps for you to figure out!

Pro Bass Fishing Fishing simulation game on CD

Radica Games Bass Fishin' handheld fishing games; also Junior and Lunker versions

Sierra On-Line Trophy Bass is not only a fishing game but a great learning tool

World of Computer Fishing Games An online resource for computer fishing games

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