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Bass - by R. McDonald

Bass Fishing
 Forum Boards

Art shown by permission of Southern Fishing

Dawn - by R. McDonald

Welcome! Bass fishermen have always relied upon each other to learn from and teach each other. Just like out on the water, bass fishing forums can help us to share our knowledge! It helps to review the rules for a forum before posting or replying there. They want their space kept clean, spam-free, lighthearted and entertaining! Several that Bassdozer has enjoyed visiting are marked with a (*).

Absolutely Bass Lake St. Clair bass club Alabama fishing forum

Ask A Pro at Fishingline.Net* Pros answer your bass fishing questions

Aluminum Boat & Repair Board Get great replies and tips on aluminum boats

American BASS Western U.S. tournament trail forums

American Bass Anglers MBAA Tournament Circuit Message Board

American BassFishing Club ABC Bass forum

AnglerNet Message Board Active Northern California board

BassAngler.Com Forums Includes bass & walleye boats forum

Bass Fishing Home Page* Tactics, Rods/Reels, Boats/Motors, Electronics, Tournament

Bass Fishing Network Tactics, Boats/Motors, Equipment

Bass Pro Shops OutdoorSite bass fishing forum

BassClubs.Net Discussion

Bassfishing eGroup


Bassmasters of Tennessee Valley

Bigfishtackle Freshwater forum

Bill Dance Outdoors Fish Talk forum

Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Canadian fishing forum

Brazil's Peacock Bass Forum

Bronzeback* A great "bronze" forum! Say hello to Mr. Jig & Cap'n Chuck for me

California Delta Forums

Chicagoland General fishing discussion for Chicago

Colorado B.A.S.S. Federation Discussion

Connecticut B.A.S.S. Federation Forum

Curt Snow's Hawg Forum* New England bass fishing forum

Dixie Bass Forum


Field and Stream Forum

Fish & Game Finder Bass fishing forum* Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Boats/Motors

Fishinternet Australia Discuss bass baits with the fishos down under

Florida B.A.S.S. Federation Forum

Gary Yamamoto's Insider Forum* The Dawg Pound!

Georgia Outdoors

Gofishohio Angler's Forum

Great Outdoors Fishing Forum

Honey Hole Magazine Message Board Texas trophy bass magazine forum

Illinois B.A.S.S. Federation

In-Fisherman Fish Tales Bulletin Board

Iowa B.A.S.S. Federation

Kansas B.A.S.S. Federation

Kentucky B.A.S.S. Federation

Kevin's Tips & Techniques Board*

Lure Wizards Awesome forum for contemporary lure carvers

Maryland B.A.S.S. Discussion Board*

Mastertech's Outboard Motor Board

Michigan B.A.S.S. Federation Board

Michigan Sportsman Forums Warmwater fishing

Midwest Outdoors Magazine Message Board

Military Angler Message Board

NCBF - Northern California Bass Forum* Delta Dawgs hang here, like Cooch & NaCl

New England Sportsman Freshwater Bass Board

New York Bass Forums

Niagara Fishing Message Board

Ohio Fishing Message Boards

Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation

Oklahoma Fishing Notebook

Ol' Paw's Fishing Board

Ontario Rants N Raves Board for salmon, trout, some bass

Operation Bass

Pennsylvania B.A.S.S. Federation Board Potomac River bass board for Maryland & Virginia

Pro Bass

Rhode Island B.A.S.S. Federation

River Message Forum* You'll find Al Pugh dipping his string here

South Dakota B.A.S.S. Federation Forums Forums Luremakers & rodmakers forums

Tennessee B.A.S.S. State Federation

Texas B.A.S.S. State Federation

Texas Fishing Forum

Toronto Board Active board for salmon, trout, some bass

Ultimate Bass Resource 5 boards for boats, lures, tournaments, rods/reels, techniques

Utah Fish Finder Message Board

West Virginia B.A.S.S. Federation

Wisconsin B.A.S.S. Federation

WON Bass Tournament Forum

World of Fishing - Forums

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