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Bass biology, bass behavior

Bass Biology, Behavior, Habits & Anatomy

Art shown from Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission's Black Bass

bass habits, bass anatomy

Distribution of Black Basses in North America:

The database from which the map data is derived is maintained by the Texas Natural History Collection of the Texas Memorial Museum of the University of Texas at Austin. The subspecies definitions are derived from Florida Game and Freshwater Fishing Commission data. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS) information is derived from resources for the United States Geological Survey, located at the Florida Caribbean Science Center.

Largemouth Bass - Micropterus salmoides 1802 [ Map | NAS ]
Two subspecies are recognized: the northern largemouth (M. s. salmoides) and the Florida largemouth (M. s. floridanus). The two look much the same, but the Florida largemouth has 69-73 scales along the lateral line compared to the northern largemouth's 59-65 scales. Florida bass grow to trophy size more readily than northern largemouth in warm waters. There is also mention of a largemouth (M. s. ssp. 1) found in the Cuatro Ciénegas ecosytem near Coahuila, Mexico.
Smallmouth Bass - Micropterus dolomieu 1802 [ Map | NAS ]
Spotted Bass - Micropterus punctulatus 1819 [ Map | NAS ]
Three subspecies are recognized: the northern spotted bass (M. p. punctulatus) has 60 to 68 scales along the lateral line, the Alabama spotted bass (M. p. henshalli) has 68 to 75 scales along the lateral line, and the Wichita spotted bass (M. p. wichitae) usually has 13 dorsal rays and often lacks rows of black spots along lower side of body. Spotted bass can be found from Texas to the Florida panhandle including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. The Wichita spotted bass (thought by some to be extinct) is limited to the West Cache Creek, Oklahoma. The Alabama spotted bass has been introduced into California.
Guadalupe Bass - Micropterus treculi 1874 [ Map | NAS ]
Redeye Bass - Micropterus coosae 1940 [ Map | NAS ], Shoal Bass - Micropterus cataractae [ NAS ]
No recognized subspecies. There has always been some disagreement as to whether the Apalachicola form (Shoal Bass) found in the Apalachicola River system in Florida and in the Chattahoochee, Chestatee and Flint rivers in Georgia and Alabama is the same as the Alabama form (Redeye Bass) found in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina or a different species. The Apalachicola form (shoal bass) can normally be distinguished by a dark spot at the base of the tail and one on the gill cover. In 1999, the shoal bass was officially recognized as a new species, and it has been given its own a scientific name (cataractae).
Suwannee Bass - Micropterus notius 1949 [ Map | NAS ]
It is a distinct species with no known subspecies and no nonindigeneous stock.

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