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Fishing Art Gallery

Greetings. You can browse and buy fine fishing art here. Please click on any artist's name to get enlargement, current price, availability, description, and see if any special sales apply to the fishing painting of your choice.

Artwork by Rockwell, Norman

Gone Fishin' 

Catching the Big One

A Fair Catch

Old Timers-Lazy Days

Me and My Pal-Fisherman's Paradise

The Mermaid

Artwork by Van Gogh, Vincent

Fisherman In His Boat, A

Fishing In The Spring 
The Bridge

Fishing Boats Near Saintes-Mar 


Boats On The Beach, 1888

Fishing Boats on the Beach

Boats on the Beach

Boats At Saint-Maries

Artwork by Homer, Winslow

Fog Warning

Gloucester Harbor

Breezing Up, 1876

Watching the Breakers

Weather Beaten

Waterfall in the Adirondacks

Artwork by Brent, Paul

Rainbow Trout 



Brook Trout

Smallmouth Bass 

Largemouth Bass 

Artwork by Manocchia, Adriano

Evening Light

Early Morning on the Battenkill

By The Iliamana

The Backcast

A Stretch of Heaven 
Where Tranquil Waters Begin

Fond Memories

Once Upon a Time

Land of the Fire Gods

E. A. Whitney

Saddle River

Lobsterman's Cove

Fishing Village

Artwork by Thompson, Richard Earl

Back to Camp

Moving Shadows


Slight Ripple (Limited Edition) 

Summer Serenity

A Day to Remember

Spring Snow

Impression in Summertime

Early Budding 

The Bridge, Giverny

Bruce's Barn (Limited Edition)
Brookie's Lair (Limited Edition)

Autumn Birches (Limited Ed.)

Lazy River (Limited Edition)

Hush of Winter 

Heron's Home (Limited Ed.)

New Fallen Snow (Ltd. Ed.)

Winter Friends 

Wintering Geese

First To Turn

Rolling Clouds

South Pond, Massachusetts

Garden Pond


Heron's Looking Glass

Not A Sound (Limited Edition)

Artwork by Case, G. Russell

Flyfishing Trio

Changing a Fly

Deep Water Fishing
Net Fishing


Wading Up River

Winter Catch

Casting into the Mist
Into the Mist

Wading into the Blue

One on the Line

Artwork by Frost, Arthur Burdett



Fishing For Striped Bass

The Leap

Ready for the Net

Artwork by Picasso, Pablo

Peche de Nuit a Antibes
Night Fishing at Antibes

Artwork by Currier & Ives

Trolling for Blue Fish 

Whale Fishery 

Artwork by Kratz, Mildred Sands

Cove Harbor

Fisherman's Inlet

Artwork by Dumaw, A.

Fishing - Brook Trout 

Fishing - Rainbow Trout 

Fishing - Largemouth Bass I

Fishing - Largemouth Bass II

Artwork by Kimble, Warren

Stream Decision

Lake Trout

Artwork by Schaldach, William J.

Brook Trout

Black Bass 

Artwork by Manning, Ruanne

Bass Lake

Trout Valley

Artwork by Clickner, Susan

Largemouth Bass

My Favorite Fishing Things

Artwork by Martin, Sean Aherne

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

Artwork by Denton, (Unknown)

The Brook Trout

The Rainbow Trout

Graham Twyford

Fishing Fantasy I

Fishing Fantasy II

Fishing Fantasy III

Fishing Fantasy IV

Artwork by Orpinas, Andres

Fishing Docks I

Fishing Docks II

Fishing Docks III

Fishing Docks IV

Artwork by Stevenson

Golden Trout

Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout

Small Mouth Bass

Large Mouth Bass

Artwork by Wright, Jon Q.

Northern Pike






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