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Tubes are Timeless
The Spiral of Life

By Russ Bassdozer

Tube baits are timeless. They've always caught and always will. They say diamonds are forever. I say tubes are timeless.

They say tubes (which spiral as they fall) represent dying baitfish. I say the spiral fall of a tube bait represents living baitfish. Observe the next pod of shad you see. They swim in incessant circles. So you see no other bass lure so mimics that circle of life like a tube.

On Friday evening forays, they say it's wise to have a designated driver. On Saturday morning forays, I say it's wise to have a designated chaser. A tube is often my designated chaser bait. When fishing other lures, I'll keep a tube rod at my feet. Throw a chaser tube on the same bass that barely sniff the top-dollar-hot-tech-ultra-realistic products that they follow to the boat. Then toss in a simple shredded glove finger, let it do it's spiral of life. Whack! Tubes tempt bass.

Typically made of a strong rubbery material, tubes are among the most durable and lowest maintenance of all soft baits. They don't tear easily. On an insider jig head, they are among the hardest soft baits to pull off or pull down the hook. The same rugged tube chaser can last all day. Whenever you miss a bite on another lure, when a bass follows a bait boatside or trails another hooked bass...don't wait. Throw the chaser bait.

Take a leading shot at where the chaser bass was last seen headed. Let the tube spiral down. A quick-acting team partner's best to do this. Designate one shared chaser rod between you, and one of you grab it and toss in on every hooked fish.

Most of all, remember this: Even when you never see a chaser bass, one is often there unseen. And if you are lucky enough that a net is needed, have your partner keep the chaser bait dangling in the water during the netting and unhooking process. Your team will catch a lot more bass by doing so.

Tubes are timeless. In the never-ending spiral of life, tubes tempt bass. Always.

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