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Creme Lit'l Fishie Shad

By Russ Bassdozer

Don't miss this one! This new soft plastic lure has been out since early 1999, but it's apparently still "new" to most anglers. Have you seen it? I am surprised that reports are not pouring in about it!

It's a super imitation of a small shad that is about as realistic-looking as a soft plastic gets! Heck, it is almost anatomically correct. (Still, can't tell if it's male or female though.)

It's the Creme Lit'l Fishie Shad. It is a very life-like soft plastic imitation of a shad. Excellent body shape, eye, mouth, fins, tail, spot behind the gill, good coloration, cross-hatched scales and other natural details. Comes in 3" and 4" sizes. Three bodies in a pack, one already rigged on a light, uniquely-shaped jighead custom-designed exclusively for this bait. Sturdy wide gap, stainless steel jig hook. Plus 2 spare bodies per pack.

It's got a flappy hinge molded into mid-body. You hardly notice it though. It's unobtrusive. Best of all, it basically causes the head (in front of the hinge) to remain more or less stationary whereas the entire tail half of the body (behind the hinge) vibrates tightly back and forth - just like a shad. Incredible! Why didn't this lure win an award, that's what I'd like to know?

What about butterfish? Yes! It's a red hot soft plastic butterfish imitation It looks like a super imitation of small butterfish body to me.

Try 'em if you can buy 'em.  I know one shop that has 'em and I've been buying them out and tearing up the weakfish and bass on them, especially the 3 inch size in the Grey Back (#55), but other colors work just swell.

See 'em here. Click here to see a photo of Lit'l Fishie Shads at Creme's web site. But before you click, just let me say that, when you hold one in your hand, they look 100 times better than they look on the web site.

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