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A Summer Six Pack!

By Russ Bassdozer

A Six Pack of Cool Tips for Hot Summer Days. During the "dog daze days" of late July and August, it can become hard to catch bass on small, clear, weedy lakes with spinnerbaits. So, here's a cool "six pack" to try during the hot summer season:

1) Try Indiana blades. Not too many manufacturers sell spinnerbaits with Indianas on 'em anymore, but they are available through mail order component catalogs. The Indiana is the subtlest blade. Doesn't flash as much as a Willow or vibrate as much as a Colorado, but it does work on non-aggressive fish or spooky fish and during the dog days of summer when fish are well-fed, often listless, and extremely alert to fishing pressure. It is a good blade for when the water is too hot or for bright, sunny days in clear water.

2) Don't try brightly painted blades or gaudy skirts. My personal preference is to shy away brightly painted blades or gaudy-colored skirts during the heat of summer. I think these are best used in cooler waters of early spring and late fall - or in darker waters.

3) Try bullet nose spinnerbaits. The bullet nose is is the classic, all-around general purpose spinnerbait. It has a streamlined, pointy nose that makes it one of the best head shapes for fishing WEEDS. In keeping with the subtle approach, try unpainted spinnerbait heads.

4) Try trimming some fire tip skirts. These are spinnerbait skirts that have a solid body color but both the front and back tips of the skirt are tinged in a bright contrasting color. I trim short the forward and backward-facing fronds. I aim for an overall willow leaf shape that presents fish with the illusion of a baitfish or crayfish body shape. In doing so, I remove some of the dramatic fire tip color. But there's just enough fire tip left to create an enticingly subtle effect with wavering chartreuse accents in the white/chartreuse tips and pumpkin/chartreuse tips. Also, black with red or blue tips.

5) Try some soft plastic grub bodies. Just remove the rubber skirt completely and replace it with either a twin tail skirted spider grub or with a plain single tail grub. This allows you to give highly-pressured bass a change in the body profile to look more like a crayfish (spider grub) or more like a baitfish (single tail grub). It also allows you to take advantage of a few soft plastic colors that are hard to match with rubber or silicone skirts, such as the translucent smokes, cinnamons, and watermelons, and clear shades, all with sparkles here.

6) Try clear silicone sparkle skirts. Use a white spinnerbait head, and slip on a clear silicone skirt - one with copper, gold or silver sparkles. Again, you may need to order these skirts from one of the mail-order component catalogs. Make sure you trim them into the layered willow leaf shape with a pair of scissors.

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