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Bassdozer's Style H Light Wire Spinnerbaits with Whiptail Blades and EZ Skirts

by Russ Bassdozer

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Bassdozer's Style H Light Wire Spinnerbaits with Whiptail Blades and EZ Skirts

Today, I have a few premium spinnerbaits that may interest you. They are 3/4 oz light wire Style H hidden heads with light .032 super wire arms.

Super wire has up to 50% more vibration and up to 30% stronger than standard .032 wire. However, please note that you can't use a stiff rod or heavy line with .032 wire, or you'll destroy it - and even when used with the proper equipment, .032 wire has a shorter overall life before it breaks. If you don't quite understand why or how to use .032 light wire spinnerbaits, then these may not be the spinnerbaits for you to try yet.

The reason why a spinnerbait expert would want to use .032 light wire (with the proper rod, line and delicate touch) is that .032 wire has more vibration than standard .035 wire, and some anglers believe that the lighter wire (and more vibration) may make a difference some days.

Premium 5/0 Mustad UltraPoint heavy duty, long shank hooks. Worth ball bearing swivels on all.

They are dressed with EZ skirts that have an airy, billowy, see-through effect, allowing fish to get glimpses of the painted, minnow-shaped body  hidden beneath the EZ skirt.

Much of the mass or weight of the head is hidden beneath the skirt. However, I am a big advocate of showing off that hidden element. The new style EZ Skirts are a great dressing with a sparse peek-a-boo appearance that lets the hidden weight show through beneath the skirt . As you may be able to see in some of the dressed photos, the billowy, flared nature of the EZ Skirt lets the attraction of the hidden weight show throw the skirt, adding an element of allure that's not possible except by showing off a hidden head with an EZ Skirt.

So we're not trying to hide the hidden weight mass here, but using it to offer intriguing contrast and an additional dimension of appearance beneath the EZ Skirt.

The Whiptail blade is scuplted with baitfish details, a scaled back, smooth belly, and inscribed jawbone, eye, gill and fin. When used together in pairs, spaced wide apart, there's a swimming baitfish school resemblance. Due to the uniquely hooked blades as they rotate, it may appear at times as there's more than two baitfish (although what a fish sees is anyone's guess), but the rotation casts off a lot of images on both sides of the wire arm remindful of a movement of several baitfish in concert. Probably the most important aspect of the blade design is the vibration created by its aggressive tail cupping and unique curvature. The Whiptail has a tight rotation and a distinct thumping vibration. When the blades slow down, the curvature creates a left hook or kick-out move to the side, and a singular thump can sometimes be felt in the rod tip when the spinnerbait is close enough to watch and feel that happen. Because one edge of the blade is scaled and the other edge is smooth, there is a dual visual dimension to the spinning blade flash. This dual dimension adds something that's just not possible with either an entirely smooth or an entirely scaled finish blade. Even using one smooth and one scaled finish blade wont achieve the same effect combined in the Whiptails. The asymmetrical curved or hooked tail creates the flickering illusion at times of a swimming, jumping or flexing baitfish movement that's just not possible with most other symmetrical straight blades like Willows, Indianas, etc.

The Whiptail - it's a great blade that is practically unknown and unused on other spinnerbaits, but I've got them for you here in Bassdozer's Store, they're good, and I recommend you try them.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style H ~ EZ White Silver

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style H ~ EZ White Shad

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style H ~ EZ White Shad

Hope you will enjoy trying these Style H Light Wire Spinnerbaits with Whiptail Blades and EZ Skirts

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