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Bassdozer's Hawaianas Grande (Big Spinnerbaits) for Mexican Bass Fishing Adventures

by Russ Bassdozer

This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are (or have been) available at Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change.

Note: Some of the following configurations may not all be currently in stock. Some may be sold out at this time. Please check online at for current availability of specific items below. Thank you for your business.

Bassdozer's Hawaianas Grande (Big Spinnerbaits) for Mexican Bass Fishing Adventures

These fine spinnerbaits are the favorite styles used by top Mexican tournament pros like Carlos Gloria and Dago Luna on northern Mexico lakes (Guerrero, El Cuchillo, Las Blancas, Sugar Lake, etc.) and the international border waters shared with Texas (such as Falcon and Amistad).

They're also the favorites of Mexican and American big bass trophy hunters who vacation on trophy waters across southwest Mexico (El Salto, Baccarac, Huites, etc.).

They've been used on trophy bass waters across Texas, including trophy catches made on Lake Fork and Rayburn with these spinnerbait styles.

Whether in Mexico, Texas, Florida, California or anywhere in the world where trophy bass are caught in thick cover on heavy tackle, these spinnerbaits are ideal.

Buena suertes con hawaianas grande! (means "Good luck with big spinnerbaits!" in Mexico).

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Smallie Special

These spinnerbaits may look deceptively small in the photos, but don't let these photos fool you. These are all bigger and stronger than most other spinnerbaits on the market.

They all have premium Worth ball-bearing swivels and heavy duty 6/0 hooks. The huge Mustad Ultra Point 6/0 hook is the biggest, longest, strongest stock spinnerbait hook on the market. It's positively what you need for the biggest bass out there.

They have extra large blades, bigger than usual. They are ideal for attracting the biggest bass anywhere.

Due to the extra large blade sizes, the wires are a little longer in order to properly present the extra large blades on these spinnerbaits.

These extra large spinnerbaits are perfect in every proportion for trophy bass anywhere worldwide.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Olive Alewife

The blades on the next bait below are huge. Shown next to a quarter. This Style B spinnerbait has an extra long, heavy duty .045 wire diameter arm that enables it to support these two huge Willow blades.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ Pearl Blue Chartreuse (extra heavy .045 super wire arm)

The 3/4 oz Style B head is very stable and does not roll over or on its side with these big blades. It holds the blades perfectly upright. This spinnerbait has it all - heavy flash and heavy vibration too. Because the wire arm is so thick and stiff, therefore less blade vibration is absorbed by the flex of the arm. Instead, much of the vibration goes down into the spinnerbait head and skirt, making a humpy, jumpy kind of throbbing pulse in the skirt.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ White Bone (extra heavy .045 super wire arm)

White Bone Skirt. Take your classic 100% pure snow white skirt. Then splash the tail tips with a fish-attracting rusty orange dye that incites more strikes. Throw the white bone to bag the big dawgs.

Tilapia and Machete Shad Spinnerbaits for Mexico and Texas Border Waters

These skirt colors were developed for Mexico and Texas border lakes. Don't get too hung up on the names though. Any of these colors imitate both shad and tilapia as well as a host of other baitfish in Mexico, Texas or anywhere worldwide. They are universal baitfish patterns in that regard.

Machete Shad ~ Skirt. (aka Solid Gold Shiner) Just a real solid gold shad or shiner pattern. If you have not yet tried this color or our standard gold shiner skirt, you really should try them both. One is better than the other. Some say the solid gold shiner works better in darker water under cloudier skies whereas the standard gold shiner excels in clear water under sunny conditions. However, it's often the case that both may work quite well most any time you try them.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ Mexican Machete Shad (twisted closed wrapped .040 wire arm)

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ Machete Shad

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ Tilapia El Salto

Tilapia El Cuchillo ~ Skirt (aka Hendrix)

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B ~ Tilapia El Cuchillo (aka Hendrix)

Tilapia Baccarac ~ Skirt (aka Herring Bone)

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Tilapia Baccarac (aka Herring Bone)

50/50 Gold/Nickel Blades on next item. Both these premium blades are half gold finish and half nickel finish on both sides.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style T ~ Tilapia Baccarac (.040 super wire arm)

Style N Spinnerbaits

The Style N is a bullet-nosed shape that's best for fishing through thick cover. Just like a Texas rig bullet sinker shape, the conical Style N shape comes through thick weeds, tree limbs and branches or brush better than most other head shapes.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Chartreuse Shad

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Sexy Chartreuse Shad

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Gizzard Shad

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Rainbow Trout

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Fire Tiger

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Pearl Blue White

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Brown Sunfish

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Black Chartreuse

Style C Spinnerbaits

These Style C's configured with the blades shown are great for shallow water distance casting across shallow flats. They are rugged to come through heavy cover when used with heavy tackle for trophy bass.

The Style C is also one of the best deep, slow-rolling spinnerbait head shapes on the market. The way these are configured,  they excel to slow-roll through structure and along the bottom - usually in under 15 feet of water toward the banks and tree lines.

So these Style C's can be cast through thick shallow cover - or can be slow-rolled in deeper areas with equal effectiveness.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style C ~ Green Shiner (.040 super wire arm)

The single-bladed bait shown above has one of the biggest Willow blades made.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style C ~ Green Shiner

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style C ~ Dark Alewife.

Front blade is transparent metallic chartreuse painted on both sides. Back blade is nickel plated.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style C ~ Pale Alewife

Double Oklahoma Blades

The following big, heavy spinnerbaits have big, heavy Oklahoma blades. Try looking for these, and you'll discover how hard it is to find them. Two Oklahomas are seldom seen on spinnerbaits, but they make an excellent combo. The wide separation between the blades gives each blade the appearance of a separate baitfish in a small school.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style C ~ Bluegill. Heavy duty .040 super wire arm.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Chartreuse Shad.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Gold Shiner. .035 super wire arm.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Bluegill. .035 super wire arm.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Chartreuse Shad. Heavy duty twisted closed wrapped .040 wire arm.

The next spinnerbait has even bigger Oklahoma blades than the others. The big back blade acts eccentric and spins in a wide arc. It gets very floppy and gaspy on a slow-roll, remindful of a baitfish not able to keep up with he rest of the school - an instinctive strike trigger.

1 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Chartreuse Shad. Heavy duty twisted closed wrapped .040 wire arm.

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