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Bassdozer's Ghost Minnow, Tilapia, Machete Shad and More Marvelous Spinnerbaits!

by Russ Bassdozer

This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are (or have been) available at Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change.

Note: Some of the following configurations may not all be currently in stock. Some may be sold out at this time. Please check online at for current availability of specific items below. Thank you for your business.

Bassdozer's Ghost Minnow, Tilapia, Machete Shad and More Marvelous Spinnerbaits!

These spinnerbaits have:

  • .035 super wire arms (brown or bright). Super wire's stronger and vibrates more!
  • Premium Worth ball bearing swivels.
  • Premium Mustad UltraPoint heavy duty, long shank hooks.

Ghost Minnow ~ Hole-In-One Skirt. Japanese lure vendor Lucky Craft is one of the best brands of hard baits in the world, and Ghost Minnow is one of Lucky Craft's best colors. Here is my interpretation or artistic rendering of Lucky Craft's famous color in a spinnerbait, jig and buzzbait skirt pattern. Hold one of these up next to a Lucky Craft hard bait in Ghost Minnow color, you will see how swell the skirt matches the hard bait color pattern. Whether on a crankbait, jerkbait, topwater or now in a skirt, Ghost Minnow is a great all-around producer especially in clear water having good visibility/clarity and clear sky conditions.

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B DW  ~ Ghost Minnow (50/50 gold/nickel Willow blades)

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B CW~ Ghost Minnow  (Colorado/Willow)

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B DW ~ Ghost Minnow (Double Willow)

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style B CW ~ Ghost Minnow (Colorado/Willow)

Tilapia El Salto ~ Hole-In-One Skirt. This is one of four skirt patterns designed to imitate baitfish found in Mexican waters. First, the Tilapia El Salto pattern matches the gold-hued tilapia in El Salto. The other two Mexican tilapia colors are Hendrix (aka Tilapia Bacaruto) and Herring Bone (aka Tilapia El Cuchillo). And fourth, the Mexican Machete Shad skirt was designed to imitate threadfin shad found in Mexican waters. All four of these skirt patterns, however, imitate many different baitfish found many different places throughout the world. So give then a try anywhere you fish!

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Tilapia El Salto

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Tilapia El Salto

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Tilapia El Salto

Mexican Machete Shad ~ Hole-In-One Skirt. Just a real solid skirt that works well anywhere. Machete is what threadfin shad are called in Mexico because the threadfin's belly is so thin and sharp, its belly looks like a machete blade, and originally, this skirt was designed to imitate threadfin shad found in Mexican waters. Yet it's universal in that it may match many different baitfish. Anglers who like this skirt also like my Gold Shiner skirt too. Some say the Machete Shad works a little better in darker water under cloudier skies whereas the Gold Shiner excels in clear water under bright skies. However, it's often found that both Machete Shad and Gold Shiner may work quite well most any time you try them.

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Machete Shad (50/50 gold/nickel Willow blades)

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Machete Shad

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Machete Shad (custom Bassdozer Willow blades)

Bassdozer Willow Blades.
I've always been fond of a smooth, lustrous, fine jewelry-like mirror finish on a Willow blade. The Bassdozer Willow has that desirable smooth surface. It's still a smooth Willow - with a little extra attraction that I hope you will like. While most of the blade (approx. 70% of the surface ) has a smooth mirror finish, it incorporates a scaled pattern in an arch along one edge. The scales cover approximately 30% of the blade. It adds an extra dimension to a smooth Willow's appearance. It features the best of both smooth and scaled finishes on one blade. One edge of the blade is scaled and the body is smooth, so there is a dual visual dimension to the spinning blade flash. As the Bassdozer Willow spins, you can see the flash of scales - and when it stalls momentarily (which blades do often whenever the retrieve cadence is broken), it has a desirable visual impression. Call it a brief glimpse of a scaled back, lateral line and smooth belly of a baitfish if you will. This dual dimension adds something that's just not possible with either an entirely smooth or an entirely scaled blade. Even using one smooth and one scaled blade won't achieve the same combined effect.

A sharp demarcation line is stamped into the blade, dividing the scaled from the smooth finish. The arched line creates a sharp transition for heightened contrast between the two finishes. Plus, the line creates a little flash line of its own that runs down the blade, and each scale on the pattern has six lines and six sides for a total of 12 reflective elements on each scale. So the arched band of scales really glistens as it reflects multiple glints of light off the shimmering reflective elements. Meanwhile, the broad, smooth section does what fish seem to like best in a smooth Willow. The Bassdozer Willow combines multiple dimensions of flash and smooth finish in one presentation. It is everything I ever wanted in a Willow blade! Please enjoy.

My 3/4 oz Style T hidden head, shown below, with my signature cone cut collar. Other brands of spinnerbaits and jigs have also started using my double (in this case) and triple cone cut collars lately too, simply because it is the best way I have discovered to hold soft bait trailers securely.

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style T ~ White Shad ~ 21

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style T ~ Smallie Special

3/4 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style T ~ Herring (custom Bassdozer Willow blades)

Herring Skirt. Imitates blueback herring, alewife or sawbelly, and Sacramento hitch (an important bait species for big bass in California's Clear Lake and Sacramento watershed fisheries). The back has a pale green chartreuse with black scales. The sides and belly of the skirt are milky white with pale blue glimmers. The black band represents the black gill spot on herring.

Brown Sunfish ~ Hole-In-One Skirt. Fishing magazines and common wisdom say that jigs and jig colors imitate crawdads. What's seldom mentioned is that such jigs and jig colors equally imitate sunfish. Sunfish are basically cover-oriented critters. They hug tight to grass, tucked in brush, rocks or whatever other forms of cover that, coincidentally, crawfish also favor. So whenever you toss a crawfish-colored jig, keep in mind it can equally imitate a cover-loving sunfish too. This Brown Sunfish #3 color, like many of our skirts with sunfish, bluegill or craw in their names, imitates both bass food types - sunfish and crayfish. Try a watermelon pepper jig trailer with this skirt.

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A ~ Brown Sunfish

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A  #2 ~ Brown Sunfish (custom Bassdozer Willow blades)

1/2 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style A #3 ~ Brown Sunfish

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