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Bassdozer's Compact Style N Spinnerbaits for Smallmouth Bass

by Russ Bassdozer

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Bassdozer's Compact Style N Spinnerbaits for Smallmouth Bass

Spinnerbaits for smallies may need to be a little different then typical largemouth spinnerbaits at times. A little shorter arms, a little smaller blades, a little smaller profile. A little more compact across all proportions of the total spinnerbait package.

There are a couple of reasons in mind why smallmouth spinnerbaits may be different than largemouth blades - meaning smaller, more compact and concentrated for smallmouth. A lot has to do with the relatively clearer, open water, the relatively cover-free structure of deeper rocky ledges and points where smallies can be found. Those kinds of conditions require a more "finesse" spinnerbait. A bigger spinnerbait may look too clumsy and contrived in those clearer, more open water conditions - especially when it is sunny, not too windy and relatively calm water conditions.

So it is not so much largemouth versus smallmouth (it is partially that) but it is mainly this - different conditions require different spinnerbaits.

Largemouth in thick weeds in stained water for example, a normal size spinnerbait will get noticed more in those conditions. A "finesse" spinnerbait would get lost and be harder to find and locate in thick cover.

Then the largemouth has that huge bucket mouth. I've not officially measured it, but a three-pound largemouth's maw may fit a bigger meal than a five-pound smallmouth. So mouth size matters some.

There are some color differences too. No one knows why smallies relish chartreuse so much more than largemouth or spotted bass do, but it's true. All three bass species go for chartreuse, by smallies go overboard for it!

And in open, deep, clear water, smallies are chasers. So burning a Willow spinnerbait with downsized blades works great.

In comparison, largemouth can't chase as easily in shallow, dirty water thick with cover - so a bigger-bladed, hard-thumping slow-moving Colorado may get favored more there.

In clear water, a semi-translucent, see-through kind of skirt may be best some days - for smallies - due to the water clarity.

In stained to dark water, solid, non-translucent color skirts - ranging from snow white to jet black may be best - for largemouth - due to the darker water color.

Those are just a few quick reasons that come to mind that make the spinnerbaits shown here special for smallmouth especially.

Under the "smallmouth" conditions described above, try these for largemouth and spotted bass also. It's not so much the different bass species, but the different fishing conditions that may make these spinnerbaits productive. Please enjoy!

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Chartreuse Shad ~ Thin Cut Skirt

Both sides of both blades are painted white pearl on the white pearl spinnerbait below.

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ White Pearl ~ Thin Cut Skirt

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Smallie Special ~ Thin Cut Skirt

On the spinnerbait above and below, outside of blades are painted. Inside of blades are unpainted nickel-plated. So you get color and flash in the same blade.

3/8 oz Spinnerbait ~ Style N ~ Triple Chartreuse ~ Thin Cut Skirt

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