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Open Up a Tube of MegaStrike

By Russ Bassdozer

With tournaments often decided by the difference of one fish, every strike counts. You cannot afford to miss even one. It is a little-known fact that top pros regularly use fish attractants. They do, but do not publicize it.

Yes, there are secrets kept inside pro bass fishing. No, they do not get out to the general fishing public. That's why you probably haven't heard of MegaStrike Fish Attractant until recently. MegaStrike has been under research and development for nine years during which it was only available at tournaments to insiders and pros who do not publicize it. Now, it is ready to be brought onto the national market.

Bass Attractant Gel for the 21st Scentury

I first learned of MegaStrike about six months ago from a friend, Tim Simos, owner of Blue Water Images. Tim photographs fresh and saltwater gamefish and lures underwater. Tim's about the best there is at this. He photographs only wild fish in the wild, not fish pre-starved in tanks so they'll hit anything on camera. His work has graced seven magazine covers including Bassmaster, Sport Fishing, and Big Game Fishing Journal. The 2003 Yamamoto catalog will showcase Tim's incredible underwater photos too. The important point is Tim uses MegaStrike to make bass hold onto lures longer for the camera. I asked Tim why? I think Tim Simos should know, since he spends more time than most any man ever underwater trying to get bass to take and hold lures for photos. Unlike other attractants he's tried, Tim says the clear gel MegaStrike won't wash off even for long periods underwater. He says MegaStrike helps him catch more bass on camera holding onto lures longer.

Since being tipped off by Tim, I have been using MegaStrike for a few months now. To get a wider range of feedback, I have asked some skilled anglers to field test it too. They like MegaStrike. I like MegaStrike. I'll tell you why:

  1. MegaStrike doesn't get all over everything. It's a gel in a tube. I use the tube nozzle as an applicator to smear the MegaStrike gel all over the bait without getting any on my hands. Being a gel, it doesn't drip, and the manufacturer claims it doesn't stain the carpet and it won't soften the boat's gel coat finish or lift the adhesive off the boat carpet.
  2. MegaStrike stays on long and does not wash off easily. In fact, the only time you will get "slimed" by MegaStrike is when removing the lure from your line. Even after using a lure for a long while, it will be slimier than you expect when you take your lure off or replace it with another lure.
  3. MegaStrike has a unique smell to it. I've never smelt any attractant quite like MegaStrike. If it may matter to pressured fish, neither have they smelled anything like MegaStrike yet.
  4. MegaStrike smells powerful, but not nasty. Keep in mind, scents and tastes can be attractive or repulsive - to bass or to fishermen. Some fish attractants smell like B.O. or wet diapers or so nasty they make you gag. Not MegaStrike. MegaStrike is not a smell you would try to avoid. You would want to investigate it further.

"It is a little-known fact that top pros regularly use fish attractants. They do, but do not publicize it."

You can expect to hear a whole lot more about MegaStrike in the near future for these reasons:

  1. MegaStrike works well. Based on a formula that took nine years to perfect using amino acids, fatty acids, proteins and other concentrated ingredients, the manufacturer claims MegaStrike tastes like food bass eat everywhere it's been used across the country.
  2. If you feel it does not help you catch more fish, call toll-free and get your money back. No questions asked. No other fish attractant comes with a 100% money back guarantee. MegaStrike is that good.
  3. Previously only available by word of mouth at tournaments to pros, you can now buy MegaStrike without having to know a professional tournament insider. MegaStrike is available to you now in handy tubes at
  4. MegaStrike will be nationally marketed and advertised to the general fishing public in 2003, and MegaStrike will be available at tackle shops and major retailers across the country in spring 2003.

So you'll be hearing lots about MegaStrike soon, and lots of people saying, "When every strike counts, open up a tube of MegaStrike!"

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