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Bassdozer's Custom Stand Up Jig

by Russ Bassdozer

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Bassdozer's Custom Stand Up Jig

1/4 oz (4/0) Stand Up Jig ~ Black ~ Qty: 4 per pack

3/8 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig ~ Black ~ Qty: 4 per pack

1/2 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig ~ Black ~ Qty: 4 per pack

1/4 oz (4/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Green Pumpkin ~ Qty: 4 per pack

3/8 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Green Pumpkin ~ Qty: 4 per pack

1/2 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Green Pumpkin ~ Qty: 4 per pack

1/4 oz (4/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Chrome ~ Qty: 4 per pack

3/8 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Chrome ~ Qty: 4 per pack

1/2 oz (5/0) Stand Up Jig Head ~ Chrome ~ Qty: 4 per pack

Bassdozer's Stand Up jig is one of the most weedless and snagless jigs - with an exposed hook - on the market.

Four reasons why this jig is so weedless and snagless are:

  1. The nose is narrow and pointed whereas the foot incrementally widens like a wedge. So coming through weeds, the nose slips in between and then the foot parts open what the nose just went through, allowing the nose to slip further, almost like driving a wedge that parts grass letting the jig pass through grass better than other jig shapes. In snags, it's just the opposite. The nose may start to slip into a narrow snag or vee fork of a brush limb, but the foot is too wide to wedge in deeper. So the jig will either fall out or you can shake it out of a snag since the wide foot helps prevent the head from getting wedged in all the way, unlike other types of more streamlined jig shapes that will wedge into cracks all the way.
  2. The hook shank and bend is angled upward when the jig stands on bottom, and the hook point is angled downward. So the hook is not pointed straight ahead directly into a snag or weed. The hook is elevated more than other jig shapes, and the point is angled downward so it may glance off as opposed to being driven directly into snags or weeds.
  3. It stands up more often than most any other jig shape. Most jigs incur a high percentage of snags when they fall over on their sides. This Stand Up Jig jig resists falling over. I've studied this, and have found it hard to envision a jig getting stuck when it stands straight up. Problem is, most jig heads on the market today, they fall over on their side far too often, and the probability they'll snag at that point goes sky high. Bassdozer's jig resists falling over.
  4. Another key to reducing snags with Bassdozer's jig is the foot is dropped down longer and lower - the wide bottom edge of the foot is the part that ticks the bottom or weed tops on the retrieve. The bottom edge of the foot is designed to be as far a distance as possible from the hook point as well as a far distance lower than the jig nose. So lengthening the foot lets the wide bottom edge of the foot tick the bottom or the weed tops. Meanwhile, the hook point and jig nose both are held higher above the point of contact. So the hook and jig nose are effectively raised barely above many low-lying snags that other jig shapes drag the hook or rub their nose right through.

Those are four reasons why this is one of the most weedless and snagless jigs with an exposed hook. You can look at the photos (above) of how the jigs stand up, and visually confirm some of these these features for yourself.

L to R: 1/4 oz (4/0). 3/8 oz (5/0). 1/2 oz (5/0). Items sold separately.

Other features of Bassdozer's Stand Up Jig include:

  • The premium Mustad Ultra Point hook is ultra sharp. This is one of Mustad's best jig hook models. It has a medium strength wire hook - not a heavy flipping jig hook. It has a medium strength wire that's perfect for making solid hooksets and landing big bass with medium to medium/heavy tackle. Say anything from 8 to 12 lb test mono or fluoro (or 10-15 lb braid) on medium to medium/heavy spinning or baitcasting rods. This Mustad UltraPoint hook penetrates easily on gear in that range, and it has ample strength to land big fish played properly on such gear. 
  • The triple cone cut keeper collar is a significant advantage. It is quite difficult for a fish to ever pull a soft plastic bait down off the triple cone cut keeper collar. It holds baits better than most any other type of keeper collar or wire hook - even better, easier and safer than super glue! There are three cone cut keeper collars with a full 360 degrees of gripping power each (a total of 1,080 degrees of grip strength). Do the math. A spike or barb type keeper has at most 15 degrees of grip and a wire hook type keeper has very little grip, whereas Bassdozer's has 1,080 degrees of grip. It's obvious Bassdozer's jig will hold soft baits much more securely - and it's so very easy to use! What a great approach to keeping soft baits in place!
  • Another key feature of Bassdozer's Stand Up jig is the bottom is flat, but not straight, it's rounded. Most other stand up jigs out there are flat and straight on bottom, and that's like having an auto with square-sided wheels. You really won't get far. The bottom of Bassdozer's jig is semi-flat so it stands up, but also rounded. Like a wheel, there is only a very small section of the ground that a wheel or Bassdozer's jig is treading on at any given moment. So Bassdozer's jig tends to slide or skate across the bottom. When it pauses to stand up, it keeps going just like a wheel in motion. It's almost like a skateboard for standing up and sliding soft baits across the bottom!

You can look at the photos (above) of how the jigs stand up, and visually confirm some of these these features for yourself.

"All these features combine to make this the very best stand up jig that I have ever seen," says Russ Bassdozer.

Rigging Methods

These jig heads are not designed for skirts - but I have some customers who put skirts on them - and love using them that way. Always add a soft bait trailer whenever you use a skirt.

Really, they are made to be dressed with soft plastics, and the 1,080 degrees of grip on my Triple Cone Cut Keeper Collar will hold soft baits quite securely and more easily than most any other type of keeper.

Almost any kind of soft plastic will work on my Stand Up Jig, but especially small 3-inch to 4-inch swimbaits are very popular.

One that really shines is Yamamoto's 3-1/2" Swimbait. It's the perfect soft plastic dressing for my Stand Up jig.

Also, 4-inch to 5-inch hula grubs are popular dressings for my Stand Up jigs.

Of course, small soft craws are favorites on these Stand Up heads too. The claws will be raised or moving up and down a lot of the time - not always laying down in the dirt.

But almost any soft plastic may work.

Two others I often go to on these jig heads are:

  1. Yamamoto's Stretch 40 (2-series) single tail grub, which has a longer Senko-like body with a curly grub tail. For some reason, the Stretch 40 is pure dynamite on this jig head. Maybe because it stands the curly tail up part of the time.
  2. Yamamoto's 7-inch lizard, which I use on this Stand Up jig head for bed fishing or sight fishing - or anytime bass are on a lizard bite. It is a great medium tackle (8-12 lb test or 10-15 lb braid) alternative to Carolina rigging lizards with heavy tackle in deep water.

Keep in mind, this jig does not have a flipping hook, and is best on 8 to 12 lb test tackle (or 10 to 15 lb braid), either spinning or baitcasting.

Regionally, these Stand Up Jigs are most popular among anglers in the mid-Atlantic states. So I know there are some very good anglers in that region of the country, because they recognize just how good these jigs work there. Why not try them in your neck of the woods?

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