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Pro Tapered Tube Jig Heads

by Russ Bassdozer

This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are (or have been) available at Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change.

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Pro Tapered Tube Jig Heads

Pro Tapered Tube Jigs ~ 3/16 oz (4/0) ~ Qty: 5 per pack

Pro Tapered Tube Jigs ~ 1/4 oz (4/0) ~ Qty: 5 per pack

Pro Tapered Tube Jigs ~ 3/8 oz (5/0) ~ Qty: 5 per pack

Pro Tapered Tube Jigs ~ 1/2 oz (6/0) ~ Qty: 5 per pack

These are considered the best tube jig heads ever made by one of the tackle industry's master jig modelers. He really does not know the reason why this Pro Tapered Tube Jig works so swell, but it does. His customers who drag tubes on the Great Lakes and all across northern states, they tell him they've caught far more bass on this Pro Tapered Tube Jig compared to the several dozen other tube jig models which he has made. That's not to say his other tube jigs aren't good, they are - but based on his customer feedback, the Pro Tapered Tube Jig is truly a great tube jig in a class by itself. Bottom line, there's just something about this Pro Tapered Tube Jig that bass seem to love best.

These have a premium Mustad UltraPoint round bend hook model.

Recommended Gear: These jigs are best used with medium to medium/heavy gear from 8 to 16 pound test mono, fluoro or braided line. The hook is stout, but it is not intended for heavy flipping gear or heavy braided line.

>From top down: 1/2 oz (6/0). 3/8 oz (5/0). 1/4 oz (4/0). 3/16 oz (4/0). (Items in photo not included with item for sale.)

Rigging Methods

Two ways to rig the Pro Tapered Tube Jigs are:

  • Starting Untied: To rig untied, start from the back. Simply insert the tube jig head-first into the hollow back of a tube. Push forward and pop the hook eye out through the tube skin at the head of the tube. Then tie the line on.

  • Starting Tied: With the jig already tied on your line, start from the front of the tube. A new tube can be "speed rigged" by inserting the hook point in a new tube's head (where you want the line tie eye to end up). Then thread the tube all the way up and over the hook and continue to insert the entire jig head, until only the line tie eye sits outside the tube. The insertion hole will be a little larger this way, but the tube will not fish any different, and the tube really won't pull down off the hook easily either.

  • End Result: Whether you start untied or tied, the end result should look like this.
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