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Bassdozer's Multi Jig for Multiple Bass Fishing Presentations

by Russ Bassdozer

This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are (or have been) available at Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change.

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Bassdozer's Multi Jig for Multiple Bass Fishing Presentations

6/0 3/4 oz Multi Jig Head ~ Black w/Clip-on Corkscrew Keeper

6/0 3/4 oz Multi Jig Head ~ Green Pumpkin w/Clip-on Corkscrew Keeper

7/0 3/4 oz Multi Jig Head ~ Black w/Clip-on Corkscrew Keeper

7/0 3/4 oz Multi Jig Head ~ Green Pumpkin w/Clip-on Corkscrew Keeper

It's a Multi-Faceted Gem of a Jig!

The Multi Jig combines many of the best features of multiple other jig types into one! It's a shakey jig, a stand-up jig, a heavy duty flipping jig, a pointy-nosed grass jig, a swimming jig with it's 28 degree eye angle. It incorporates a vertical (as opposed to horizontal) football head that excels in rocky areas and on deep structure, and it's good in wood. It's a Texas rig, has a clip-on corkscrew keeper and a triple cone cut collar. It's built on one of the best soft bait hooks ever made, the Mustad 91768BLN. It may be used with or without skirts and with most any soft bait you desire, either with the hook exposed or not. The 6/0 Multi Jig is made for multiple bass fishing presentations all in one jig.

Note: There are currently 2 versions of the Multi Jig. Both are the same and weigh 3/4 ounce. The only difference is the hook size:

  • 7/0 model. Perfect for pike and for the biggest bass on the heaviest tackle such as in Texas, Mexico, California, Florida or anywhere big bass abound around the globe.
  • 6/0 model. For good bass on medium heavy tackle everywhere else.

Mustad's 91768BLN is used on many of the best swimbait and frog hooks - and on the Multi Jig.

What is the most important component of a jig? Most anglers won't get the answer right. It's the soft bait used as the trailer. Think of the jig head and skirt as only a means to attract fish over to strike the elevated soft bait! Really. If you don't believe me, fish any skirted jig for a few days with no soft bait on it. You won't do well. Next, remove the skirt and fish the same jig only with a soft bait this time, and you'll do okay. You'll prove it's the soft bait that fish want!

Think of the skirt as a picnic blanket that opens and spreads out on the bottom under the elevated soft bait. It's the soft bait that's the centerpiece of the presentation - not the skirt.

Due to the importance of the soft bait, the Multi Jig is built on one of the best soft bait hooks on the planet - Mustad's 91768BLN 28 degree Wide Gap UltraPoint Jig Hook. This same hook is used on many of the most popular swimbait and frog weighted hooks on the market. It's a superb hook for all soft baits.

What's also key is that Mustad's UltraPoint hooks are designed to stay sharper longer than any other hook brands. The unmatched durability means the UltraPoint will not bend, roll over or dull as easily or quickly as other hooks. It resists failure and provides unmatched penetration and performance.

The Multi Jig stand ups. The hook eye (and therefore the knot and line) are held up high where they will not be the first part of the jig to contact obstructions, the bottom or weeds. So although the knot is right up front, the knot and line are not constantly abraded as on other jigs with the line tie far forward. Sounds simple but it's significant.

Also note the triple cone cut collar. Each cone has 360 degrees of bait-gripping power, or 1,080 degrees of bait-grip in all. I did not invent the triple cone cut collar. It started on saltwater jigs, but I was the first to use it for freshwater bass lures. Many others are now adding these kinds of cone collars onto their jigs too. Some are making the cones too small or too close together and that's not best. The amply spaced and ringed cones like those shown are the best of all ways to hold skirts and soft baits securely. The corkscrew clips are also a great method to hold baits securely.

Bottom View. The head shape is rounded on bottom and pointed on both ends. It is a football shape lengthwise. This lets the Multi Jig operate effectively in grass, wood, weeds, laydowns, stumps, flooded trees, rocks, brush, whatever cover or structure you may encounter, shallow or deep. The Multi Jig is a dream for night fishing. Flip, pitch and cast it. The 28 degree hook eye makes it perfect for swimming. It stands up. It's a Texas rig and a shakey jig and a sweet swimbait head. It's multi-purpose.

7/0 Rigging Methods

It's a Big Ole Jig for Pike and Trophy Bass!

With the Multi Jig, you can fish a Texas rig and a jig both at once in the same presentation. The Multi Jig is not one or the other but both!

It's easy to use if you follow these five simple steps:

  1. First, select whichever soft bait you feel matches the conditions. Try any soft bait, disregarding whether it's the type normally used as a jig trailer.
  2. Next, decide whether you want to rig that with or without a skirt. Either way is okay.
  3. In open water, rig the soft bait on the jig's triple cone keeper collar (on the hook shank).
  4. If it's snaggy or weedy, rig using the wire corkscrew clip.

7/0 Multi Jig is like using a Texas-rigged worm AND a jig at once! Shown with Yamamoto 10" Kut Tails (7XL series) with or without 7" pike skirts.

Or how about fishing a 7" Senko and an 7" skirted jig at once? That's how it's done at Lake Baccarac, Mexico - the best trophy bass spot on earth.

7/0 with 7" pike skirt and Yamamoto 8" Single Tail (10 series).

7/0 Multi Jig ~ 7" Black Blue Pike Skirt (top) and Green Pumpkin (bottom).

7/0 Multi Jig ~ Bluegill EZ Skirt

7/0 with Kamakazee 6" swimbait or any hollow center swimbaits

7/0 with Yamamoto 5" swimbaits or any solid body swimbaits

7/0 with Yamamoto 10" Single Tail (100 series) and 7" Senko (9X series)

7/0 with Yamamoto 6" Twin Tail Hula Grub (99 series) looks enticing when it stands on bottom!

7/0 with Yamamoto 7" Double Tail (17 series) is deadly on this stand-up jighead.

6/0 Rigging Methods

For quality bass on medium heavy tackle!

6/0 with Hippo Tackle's 5" hollow body swimbaits. The Multi Jig works with many hollow or solid body swimbaits.

In relatively snagless water, you can rig the Multi Jig with the hook exposed as shown below.  Push the skirt all the way forward onto the collar so it is held securely in front of the first cone. That still leaves two cones, or 720 degrees of grip to hold the soft trailer securely in place.

6/0 with 5" standard skirts.

6/0 with 6" Yamamoto Twin Tail Hula Grub (99 series) under 5" standard skirt

6/0 with Yamamoto 5" Senko with or without skirt. It's like using two of the best bass baits of all times - a Yamamoto Senko AND a jig at once!

6/0 with Yamamoto 6" Senko (9L series) and 5" Senko (9 series) with or without EZ Skirt & Tail

6/0 with Yamamoto 6-1/2" Kut Tail (7X series) with or without skirt

6/0 with Yamamoto 5" Swim Senko (31 series) with EZ Skirt & Tail

6/0 with Yamamoto Flappin' Hog with or without skirt

6/0 with Yamamoto 7" Lizard (13 series) with or without EZ Skirt

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