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Mind Your Greens and Browns
Color Selection

By Russ Bassdozer

Has anyone ever told you to: "Mind your P's and Q's!" and "Mind your beeswax!" Now, this article tells you to: "Mind your greens and browns!" Please enjoy.

It's hard to say exactly why, but there are definitely different colors for soft plastics than for other lure types. Let me ask you, have you ever seen a transparent watermelon seed crankbait? Ever see a translucent root beer popper with green and copper flakes? An orange pumpkin spinnerbait or buzzbait? A pale cinnamon pepper rubber skirted jig with purple sparkles?

These colors hardly exist at all in other lure types. Only soft plastics have shades of green and brown. Collectively, these greens and browns catch more bass across the country than any other colors of soft plastics.

Actually, that should come as no surprise. In nature, most things are shades of green and brown. Vegetation, terrain, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, insects, most bottom-dwelling fish, most lake bottoms, even our beloved bass themselves are mostly green and brown. So, soft plastics fit right into the landscape and the biomass.

That's not to say other soft plastic colors don't catch fish. They sure do. I'm certain you'll agree that blacks, purples, whites, and chartreuse are often reliable. "Smoke" is a winner for those who have ever used it. Smoke is yet another dichotomy. What I mean is, you can get a smoke pepper soft plastic almost anywhere. But have you ever seen a smoke pepper crankbait or lipped jerkbait? I have not. An untapped market? Perhaps. From a manufacturing perspective, it's a similar concept in either case. Raw plastics are brought to a liquid state, injected into a mold and given time to cure. A soft bait remains supple whereas a hard bait becomes brittle. So, why aren't there any translucent watermelon seed crankbaits, any see-through pumpkin pepper poppers? Why not smoke with black and purple flake jerkbaits? No anodized watermelon or cinnamon spinnerbait blades? Kind of makes you curious, eh?

INDEED! When it comes to catching on soft plastics, the world is definitely a different color. Who knows why?

At Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits for example, over half the 90 colors they make are greens, browns or smokes - 27 different color patterns of greens and browns and 20 smoke patterns.

You can catch an awful lot of fish on these colors. As productive as they are, you can't get them in other lure types! There's nothing else out there quite like them.

So, mind your P's and Q's, your greens and browns. While you're at it, mind your smokes and beeswax too!

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