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Do the Cuckoo Bird

By Russ Bassdozer

Trick Worms. I like to use big, buoyant floater worms about 7" long. I am sure many vendors make good worms to use...

IMHO, I like the ones made by Gambler Worms...called the "Floater"'s a new, big, active worm. Use it in and around wood cover, weed beds, boat docks, stumps, etc. In late spring and early summer, also use it in (and I mean in) flooded brush, right on any points and in any cuts in reed stands, and even along hard, sloping bare banks. You can do all kinds of "tricks" and "wacky" tactics with this one from Gambler.

Buzz First. Prospect bare banks with a buzzbait first, catch a few bass. Don't worry if you miss a few because you can circle back later and spend some more time on the fish-holding banks with the floater worm!

Do the Cuckoo Bird. The coolest thing is to T-rig it "Cuckoo Bird" style. To make a Cuckoo Bird, Texas rig the floater on a wide gap offset eye hook. Start to thread the eye of the hook into the worm at least one-third to almost mid-way down from the head, and embed the hook point back into the worm body to make it weedless and snagless. The hook goes in on an angle, so that the hook eye barely sticks out and away from the worm body when finished rigging. You may want to put a little shot of Crazy Glue on the "neck" of the offset shank of the hook where it comes out of the worm body (opposite the side of where the line-tying eye comes out). This is because you will be pulling the rig sideways through cover, so you don't want the cover to pull the worm down and ball it up on the hook.

Other Tricks. Cast this quivering Cuckoo Bird weightless into cover for topwater twitching action. Rig it with a light splitshot 2 feet up the line and twitch it as it sinks, suspends and darts like crazy. You can stop letting line out at a depth you think holds suspended bass, then just twitch and shake it at that level. Or put it on a light Carolina rig and maneuver the Cuckoo Bird through underwater rocks and weedbeds as the worm floats, twists and turns off bottom.

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