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Does Color Matter?
A Riddle Thus Far Unanswered

By Russ Bassdozer

Kindly enjoy this article. It's a wry perspective...on color.

With all the worldwide wisdom corroborated upon web forums...with all the collective experience shared on rivers and lakes...the time spent together in bass boats, jon boats, canoes, float tubes and leaky wet-butt many expert articles divulged in monthly fishing magazines, and discussions at club meetings, over fresh coffee at the local bait shop, chatting during long drives to faraway fishing deep as we are steeped in bass fishing information, we still face a conundrum, a riddle thus far unanswered, "Does Color Matter?"

Some say it does. Some say it doesn't.

Does color matter? a lure? a fish?

Well, does your playful dog care if the frisbee you toss it is green or pink plastic? Does your housecat paw a grey fuzzy catnip toy more excitedly than it swipes a blue fuzzy toy? When a bass pounds your bait the instant it hits bottom, does it care if you tossed in a green or pink worm, or a grey or a blue one? Or was it a hint of red flake...or a few faint flecks of purple that excited the bass?

To me, my answer is that color does NOT matter (and here comes the tricky part:) as long as I am tossing a color that is catching fish. It's a twisted answer I give you, but if you follow the banks and turns below, then lure color should never really matter to you again, you'll never need a confidence color nor choose a favorite. You won't have any.

I got a clear and refreshing reminder of this two weeks ago. Please follow me here. Envision a clear, deep ledge (25 feet deep, 150 yards offshore) that forms the main channel (the original river bed before impoundment) and tapers up to a second ledge (15 feet deep). Beyond this, spaced several hundred yards apart from each other, picture three formidable reefs of rugged, uneven rock jumbles and raspy wirebrush jutting out from shore, with sand beaches strung between these three craggy tors.

With absolutely no wind at first, fishing was not fantastic (not yet), but it was good! The fish that nipped were predictably tucked up under the eaves of the offshore ledge; or you could barely glimpse them skulking 25 feet deep in the crystal agua, skirting the lips of giant tongue-like imprints pressed in the ledge; or patrolling the berms of sunken wash gullies grooved into it.

Suddenly, without a hint of its coming, a solid 20 mph breeze forced itself out of the sky, piling sheet after sheet of wind-driven waves directly up onto the three shoreline reefs. As fast as the breeze was born, smallmouth immediately rose to the occasion! A procession of smallies emptied out from under the offshore ledges, and marched up onto the three shoals. For the next two hours, I reaped the bounty of this windfall by capturing over 70 smallmouth, all good ones that moved up into the shallows because of the breeze.

Now the crux of today's editorial...that color does NOT matter (and the tricky part:) as long as you are tossing a color that is catching fish.

You see, in this gale, I tried every color in my bag, a diversity of them. With an army of aggressive, wind-charged smallmouth beneath the boat, I could catch a fish on any color I tossed at them. That is, I could catch a smallmouth, within 3 or 4 or 5 casts on any color tone. However, the two hues I originally started with that day? I could catch a fish on every cast with those two! Indeed, those two tones had been preferred by fish on previous trips. Now, the wind was reinforcing proof that bass preferred those two colors above all others - on that day. No other color I tried would work as well as those two! Indeed, those two colors are still catching best for me about two weeks later.

So far this season since starting in March, I have fished through six distinct "color bites". What do I mean when I say that? I mean I've used colors that definitely caught more bass (for a time) better than any other colors. Other than that, there's not much more to say about it. I have no solid reason why bass preferred those colors nor can I say what natural fodder (if any) those colors represented to bass. Indeed, they didn't represent anything I've seen swimming in the lake lately. But I do know that catch rates increased using a certain color - for a few days, for a few weeks, a month or longer. So that's what I mean by a color bite, and I can't say I've ever heard anyone else describe one in print.

Five of the six color bites I've seen this year have ended, fizzed out, and I have no firm plans to toss those colors at fish again any time soon. I am not partial to any of them. They aren't my confidence colors nor my favorites. I haven't any.

Every year I go through color bites, and in several decades, I've not seen the color patterns repeat themselves much from year to year. The twists and turns are never quite the same when it comes to color.

It's July. We're over halfway through the 2002 calendar now. Days are getting shorter. Just as always, I expect I'll fish through several new color bites in the second half of 2002. I have no idea (nor do I care) what these color bites will be, because color doesn't matter to me, nor should color matter to you, as long as you are tossing the color that's catching the fish.

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