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Tattoo's Tackle Surface Swimmers for Fresh or Saltwater

by Russ Bassdozer

This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are (or have been) available at Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change.

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Tattoo's Tackle Surface Swimmers for Fresh or Saltwater

Get that Tattoo you've always wanted for explosive fresh or saltwater topwater action!

Tattoo's Tackle designed these through-wired wood topwater lures primarily for saltwater casting, but they are equally effective for freshwater pike and bass fishing too.

During lure development, Tattoo's Tackle worked with largemouth and smallmouth bass experts in the USA and with expert pike anglers in Europe. Of course, Tattoo's worked diligently with a team of saltwater guides and sea-going experts to ensure the new baits excelled for all saltwater, surfcasting and inshore boat casting as well as freshwater bass and pike fishing worldwide.

They have incredible swimming action and leave an attractive, strike-triggering V-wake on top. When reeled a little faster with the rod tip held down, they swim just as attractively below the surface. Note that the line tie eye angle and the metal lip angle are adjustable to fine-tune the exact swimming action and depth you desire.

They make great surface waking topwater bass baits, especially in highly-pressured lakes where bass have seen every other topwater go overhead already. You can pull up to any heavily-fished community hole, pull out one of these wood topwater Tattoo's - and there are banner days when every single lure-smart fish in that hole will boil up out of hiding to touch them to see what they are. Why? Because bass see the same old poppers and walk-the-dog lures go past every day on every lake. They learn to recognize and reject the familiar lures and actions. But the Tattoo surface swimmers are something that fish have never seen before. So they can't help but flash on, slap at, touch, slash, swirl, jump, hit, tap or wallop them. It's what fish do to baits they haven't smartened up to yet. That is the nature of bass. There's not much else that bass can do. They can't read a book, scratch an itch, surf the Internet, answer the phone or go to the store. When looking for something to do, all they can do is bite - and not much else. They genuinely prefer to chase and engage whatever saunters past - unless they recognize and reject it as a lure they've seen before. The learning process happens quickly - but they haven't learned about Tattoo's yet. So even lure-smartened bass don't hesitate to hit them, since they've never seen anything quite like a Tattoo before.

Brand Name Model Size Weight Depth Type
Tattoo's Tackle Small Surface Swimmer   4" 1 oz 0-3 ft Floating metal lip surface waking swimmer. Subsurface too. Through-wired.
Tattoo's Tackle Danny Surface Swimmer 2-hook 4-1/2" 1-1/2 oz 0-3 ft Floating metal lip surface waking swimmer. Subsurface too. Through-wired.
Tattoo's Tackle Danny Surface Swimmer 3-hook 4-1/2" 1-1/2 oz 0-3 ft Floating metal lip surface waking swimmer. Subsurface too. Through-wired.

Note: Line tie eye angle and lip angle are adjustable to fine-tune swimming action and depth.

Rigged and Ready to Go for Fresh or Saltwater!

  • Small Surface Swimmer. Through-wired from nose to tail with super-strong belly hook swivel. Armed for fresh or saltwater with oversized x-strong black nickel VMC hooks, These #2 hooks are the all-around best size for saltwater use and for for big freshwater bass.
    If small to medium size largemouth or smallmouth are your quarry, then you may want to downsize to #4 hooks. Downsizing to #4 hooks will gain you an even more effortless hookset with small to average size bass and medium strength tackle, plus the lighter hooks add a little livelier surface swimming action than the #2 VMC's.
  • Two Hook Danny Swimmer. Two VMC 4X-strong trebles on the belly and a hookless bucktail tag on the tail. If you are fishing in saltwater or for big largemouth, for pike, musky or other big freshwater gamefish, then this two-hook arrangement is for you. Big fish, including big largemouth, will tend to crash the bait completely, resulting in solid hook-ups with two belly trebles.
  • Three Hook Danny Swimmer. The same Danny Swimmer in every way, except with three VMC x-strong trebles, including a feathered VMC treble on the tail. Average size largemouth or smallmouth, they tend to swipe or slash or strike at a part of this bait. They typically do not try to eat the whole thing at first. So having three VMC trebles all the way around will result in more hook-ups with average size bass whereas big bass will completely crash the bait.

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer

Tattoo Three Hook Danny Surface Swimmer

Tattoo Two Hook Danny Surface Swimmer

Let fish do a Tattoo on you!

Largemouth are always looking up - for a Tattoo Surface Swimmer!

Pike love Tattoo's Surface Swimmers too!

Tattoo's Tackle ~ Small Surface Swimmer

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer ~ Ayu

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer ~ Blueback Herring

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer ~ Bad Bone

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer ~ Chartreuse Shad

Tattoo Small Surface Swimmer ~ Gold Shiner

Tattoo's Tackle ~ Three Hook Danny Surface Swimmer

Tattoo Danny Surface Swimmer ~ Ayu

Tattoo Danny Surface Swimmer ~ Bad Bone

Tattoo Danny Surface Swimmer ~ Shiner Shad

Tattoo Danny Surface Swimmer ~ Starry Night Sky

Tattoo's Tackle ~ Two Hook Danny Surface Swimmer

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Pearl with Pink Stripe

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Herring

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Black Betty

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Radioactive Warning

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Snapper Blue

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Golden Bunker

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Black Purple

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ White

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Yellow White

Tattoo Danny Swimmer ~ Olive Yellow

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