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Roger Lee Brown

Roger Lee Brown is a full time professional bass angler and instructor. He has over 20 years experience fishing as a pro. He is a United States Coast Guard certified licensed guide and a New York State certified fishing charter. He has fished in many tournaments throughout the United States and is also a qualified Boating Safety Instructor and an accomplished author and lecturer on bass fishing.

The Bass Coach teaches a 3 Day "On-Water" Bass Fishing School designed and developed to teach the beginning angler all the way up to the contending pro tournament angler. This personalized school gives the "One-on-One" instruction to each individual based on the skills they already posses as well as starting from ground zero in the case of a beginner.  Just like any other professional sport, you will find "The Coach" always willing to teach and to sharpen the skills of his players. Many former students have become much more successful and consistent after completing the 3-Day course, and some students have become constant "money winners" competing in bass tournaments!  Roger teaches his students on Lake Champlain and Lake George located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York State. These two lakes offer such a diversity when it comes to bass fishing that is second to none.

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