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America's Hottest Bass Lakes John Fox

Bass Anatomy Bill Dance *

Bass Fishing Sports Afield (1994)

Bass Fishing Roland Martin *

Bass Fishing in Florida John Fox

Bass Fishing in Texas John Fox

Bass Fishing Out West John Fox

Bass Fishing South of the Border John Fox

Bass Fishing Stategies Bill Dance *

Bass Fishing Techniques Bill Dance *

Bass Fishing Tips Bill Dance *

Bass Fishing USA America's Hottest Lakes John Fox

Bass N' Structure Bill Dance *

Bass Strategies Dave Embry Instructional video for beginners

Bass Strategies & Fighing for Dave Embry

Bass Tackle How to Buy & Save John Fox

Bass Tactics That Work

Best of Babe Winkelman Fishing

Big Bass Secrets John Fox

Big Bass Patterns

Bill Dance 3 Video Bass Pack Bill Dance *

Catchin' Big Bass: Pros on the Water Dave Embry Pure action video with limited how-to

Catchin' Big Bass: Tips From the Pros Dave Embry This video is instructional

Catching More Bass ESPN Outdoors

Fishing Canada Hot Spots

How to Catch Bass

How to Rig Your Boat for Fishing (1997)

How, When & Where to Catch Bass

In Search of Smallmouth Bass

Jigging Largemouth Bass Tommy Martin *

Largemouth Bass : Day in the Boat

Largemouth Bass Lure Logic

Live Bait Fishing - Striped Bass Danny Joe Humphrey

Mexican Baja: Fishing Los Cobos/Baja

Naked Fishing With the Alluring Babes

Piranha Fishing in South America

River Fishing Roland Martin

Saltwater Flyrod Fishing Roland Martin

Striper Fishing Charlie Mayes

Striper Fishing With Roger Moore Roger Moore

Surf Fishing/Saltwater Sptfsh. Vol.4

Undercover Bass Babe Winkelman *

Visible Structure Fishing for Bass Danny Joe Humphrey *